Wheel Aignment (Tracking)

We are proud to use the latest Hunter 3D Laser alignment machinery. This ensures unprecedented accuracy and precision.

Correct wheel alignment improves road holding and maximises the life of tyres. Aligning the front two wheels resolves alignment issues for most vehicles, but if additional work is needed a quote will be provided.

Need a to align your wheels?

Q. What is wheel alignment?


Wheel alignment (or tracking) is an important part of car maintenance. It refers to the angle and direction at which your tyres are set.


Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to the recommended position as outlined in your vehicle's manufacturer specification.

Hitting kerbs or driving at speed through a pothole can result in wheel misalignment. Poorly aligned tyres can affect road holding, increase fuel consumption and decrease the life of your tyres, so it's really important to check your wheels regularly.


Q.How do I know if my wheels need to be aligned?


Watch out for these classic signs of wheel misalignment:


·        Uneven tyre wear

·        Drag or pulling

·        Steering wheel vibration

Q. How can I get my wheels aligned?


Have you noticed difficulties with steering, or your vehicle pulling to one side? Are your tyres wearing on one side more than the other? These are classic signs of wheel misalignment.


Watch out for:

·        Uneven or abnormal tyre wear

·        Drag or pulling to one side

·        Steering wheel vibration

·        Scrubbing or squealing noises at low speeds

A tyre that is 'toed in' will show wear on the outer shoulder of the tyre, while a tyre that is 'toed out' will show wear on the inner shoulder.

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